Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thought #7- I know it's cliche but...

Music has helped me in so many ways. It's pretty much everything for me, and has been there when people, animals, even books haven't. I may seem crazy, but frankly I don't care. Music holds the power to get a person fired up, to comfort them, to make them cry. It's amazing, and the fact there's so much variety makes me want to hear and experience it all. Yes, there are certain types which don't hold the most favored artists, but you can't say they're bad. You may not like them or a certain style, but what if those two very things saved someone's life? What if hearing a certain song or artist made them able to cope with pain or see there's light at the end of the tunnel or smile? What if that someone is sitting next to you while you bash the artist and then change the song? So my point here little warriors is that you shouldn't label one person or style or song as bad. Simply say you don't prefer them and then move on. Don't harp on it and say you want the singer/band/whatever to die in a hole, because they're still making music, no matter how juvenile or unpleasant it may seem to you. Music is life, little warriors, and life is good.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thought #6- Have you smiled today?

Hello little warriors! I've been shopping at my community garage sale today and found so many things which just brought a smile to my face. Mainly it was the sun, and all of the little kids running around in their bathing suits in the sprinklers, much like I did when I was young. Other than that burst of nostalgia, there were just some silly things which were being sold that I almost bought. A dress(it wasn't even my size!) with wild feathers everywhere, electric blue high heels(again, not my size), baby clothes from the 80's, and so many other things. Now, maybe at one time these things were in and hip, but today they just seem stupid or shameful to wear out in public. What does that say about us as people? All of these trends and styles and such that last for what, a month? And then we move on again. Why, though? I mean, I'm perfectly fine with the style of clothes which I've chosen for me, and it sure would save me time and money by only buying a cooler version for Summer, a warmer/layered version for Winter, and then some active wear and loungy/sleepwear. But no, every spring and fall I take one giant shopping trip to get new clothes that are a new style that I don't know how to wear or whether or not it looks good, and I get frustrated. There's so much pressure to look like everyone else, to have your hair like everyone else, and I want to know why. Why do I have to walk around with only little tiny scraps of clothing on with gallons of makeup and straight hair? Why do all of my guy friends have to dress in preppy styles so that they don't get their cars keyed(we have some strange people on our campus)? You know what little warriors? My task for you is to dress how you want to. Don't conform. If you only want to wear tshirts, wear tshirts. If you want your hair curly, wear it curly. Guys, you don't have to be some sort of pothead jock, and girls you don't have to be a slut. Be strong little warriors, and be kind.

Here's a smile for you :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thought #5- Weddings

Yes, I do have a girly side dear readers as evidenced by my complete love for weddings and amazing dresses and shoes. Today while the temperature outside was boiling, I stayed inside my air-conditioned abode and watched TLC. Yes, yes I know, The Learning Channel is that channel with all of the weddings and babies and families with 1,000 kids. It also has two of my favorite shows: What not to wear and Say yes to the dress. As I was watching the latter of the shows, I started thinking and day dreaming about my own wedding as every girl (do guys do it too?) does at some point-or all of- their life. There was a girl on the show though purchasing a dress who's mother explained the wedding to the store employee instead of the bride. Then, as the bride was trying on dresses, none of them were what she wanted. As it turns out, the wedding really wasn't being created for the bride and groom's love, it was some sort of party for all of the friends and family. All the bride and groom wanted was something simple on the beach, but ended up having a giant wedding with 200+ people that they didn't really want. To remedy it though, they showed the couple a year later getting their vows renewed-just them-on a beach.
Which gets me to the whole point of things: why do things one specific way to please others and not yourself? Why is it important to get other's approval on a certain outfit or creation or event? If you love something, or someone, shouldn't you be able to handle things your way so that it pleases you the most in the end? I mean sure it's nice to plan things for others and make parties and things happen, but when it comes to you: be you. Don't plan your life around oh what are they going to think, they wouldn't like that, well they like this and I don't but I want to make everyone happy. It's not your job to make everyone happy all the time, make sure you still factor in your happiness and your wishes in everything you do. This could be turning someone down, taking time out, not inviting 100000000 people to a dinner party. Be you little warriors, and no matter what remember that you're amazing, dear to me, and are loved.

Thought #4 still not sure

For those of you who live in America and watch the today show, did you see how they said goodbye to Merideth? Lots of grand gestures and songs, but the thing I homed in on were the things they said to her. They showered her with all of these compliments and memories and made her(and many others)cry. This made me think: where in the everyday person's life are they going to be told in front of a crowd how amazing or inspiring they are and how much they mean to someone? The only two instances I could think of were weddings and funerals. Your wedding though, it's mainly how fit you are for your spouse and there are little tears (for the most part). Your funeral though, seems like sort of an inappropriate time because're dead. Why can't people just tell others how amazing they are on a more subdued occasion? Maybe it's just little compliments here and there, but at least you hear them and not your dead corpse. People need to hear these things more often, don't you think? Wouldn't you feel better every day if someone told you that you inspire them? This would bring down suicide rates and could possiblg reduce depression as well. It really just doesn't make much sense to me, I think there shouldn't be any special occasion to tell anyone how awesome they are or how much you love them. Go forward my little warriors, tell someone how much they mean to you today, I dare you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thought #3- I hate baking cookies too

 I've never been to bed with my socks on. Strange, isn't it? It seems like something that a person should try to do in their life at least once to see if they like it or not. Then again, there are a lot of things like that which I have yet to attempt. I haven’t tried sushi, auditioned for a play; I haven’t even driven a fancy-sounding car even at the dealership. Doesn't every person do-or in my case don’t- something silly that it seems as if the rest of the world is going the other way? Then when you announce it or it casually comes up in random conversation, you’re accused like some sort of criminal.
            “You’ve never eaten this before? Oh my god! Oh you’ve never done this before? You’re not a human!” Then you wander home and you’re brain is spinning, and you’re thinking, why haven’t I done that? What’s prevented me from doing this or that so much so that the rest of the world has and I haven’t? Is it laziness, or some sort of fear of a bad experience? Do I not want to venture out of my cramped, faded routine of daily life that I can’t squeeze in something fun without upsetting the balance?
            Or maybe it’s my busyness. Hurry, hurry, hurry to this place. Once I’m there I have to hurry, hurry, hurry to do this and say that so that by this time I can leave to do something else. You’re too busy, people tell you. All you do is smile and then shake your head. Or you sigh and milk it  and say something along the lines of, “Yeah you’re right, it’s affecting my health. But I-” and then you’ll make up a sob story. 
What makes you not try things?